How To Remove Orange Tones From Hair

Brunettes, blondes and those with newly bleached hair can all struggle with the dreaded brassy orange tones showing up in your hair. It can feel like an absolute nightmare, but don't worry - Tint Department stocks products that solve this exact issue in a flash!

Similar to the super popular purple shampoos for blondes, blue shampoos & masks are perfect for reducing orange tones in your hair. These work because they are opposite on the colour wheel from orange, so when the two are mixed together they cancel eachother out.
Blue shampoos are great for keeping orange tones from creeping back in to your hair, plus they can also be applied on dry hair for an extra anti-orange kick!
Tint Department also stocks Blue Masks. These are a great companion to your blue shampoo for extra toning, or can be used in conjunction with other products. For example, if you see mostly yellow but also some orange tones in your hair, you could use a Purple/Violet Shampoo and then follow with a Blue Mask.
Our Blue products are packed with orange fighting pigments - they are all super dark in colour, which is exactly what you should be looking for!

Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Fanola No Orange Shampoo // Fanola No Orange Mask

18 in 1 Intense Blue Shampoo // 18 in 1 Intense Blue Mask

Keracolor Colour + Clenditioner in Silver Blue

Keracolor Colour + Clenditioner in Silver Blue

To immediately get rid of orange tones, go with a Demi Permanent Colour with a blue base.
The best two demi's for this are Wella Colour Charm Demi Permanent Colours in 7A and 8A. These have the most blue pigments of any colours stocked at Tint Department. They will immediately cancel out the brassiness, and leave you with an ashy light brown colour.
If you're in the process of lightening, or have just bleached your hair, our suggestion will always be to go with a Demi Permanent colour. Demi colours have just as much toning power as permanent colours, but are waaayyy less damaging. They're essentially "staining" the hair and will last for up to 24 washes. If you're rocking a brilliant shade of orange, try out the Wella Demi in 7A or 8A- this will tone down the orange and leave you with a light ashy brown.
Then (after giving your hair a break for a few weeks) you can bleach again with a blue based bleach to get you to a light blonde, and tone with the Wella Demi in 10NA. This one is the lightest of the demi colours stocked at Tint Department and has plenty of blue tones mixed in with neutral tones to cover any leftover brassiness.

Wella Colour Charm Demi 7AWella Colour Charm Demi 8A

Wella Colour Charm Demi 7A // Wella Colour Charm Demi 8A