18 In 1 Intense Blue Shampoo


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18 in 1 Intense Blue Shampoo Australia
18 In 1 Intense Blue Shampoo

So you've tried everything, including purple shampoo, but nothing has helped to remove the brassiness from your hair? This is what you've been waiting for!
The 18 in 1 Intense Blue Shampoo is packed with intense blue pigments which counteract unwanted orange tones.

Eliminates orange / Moisturises dry hair / Smooths rough hair / Moisturises instantly / Hydrates hair / Prevents split ends / Restores shine / Repairs damaged hair / Helps keep colour vibrant / Rebuilds tensile strength / Returns elasticity / Adds protective layer / Reduces hair breakage / Acts as a shield from harmful UV rays / Protects from environmental pollution / Prevents dryness in colour treated hair / Revitalises hairs natural protective layer / Reduces damage from chemical treatments.

Sulfate Free. Paraben Free. Salt Free. Made in Australia

    Use your regular shampoo first, then go in with the toning shampoo. Work into your hair gently - preferably with gloves as the product can stain hands!
    Can be applied to dry hair for extra toning. To do this, smooth the product on instead of lathering like you would do with a shampoo on wet hair.
    With either wet or dry hair, the shampoo can be left on for 1-30 minutes. Just check frequently and rinse when your desired colour is reached.

      18 in 1 Intense Blue Shampoo Australia
      18 In 1 Intense Blue Shampoo

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      Great product

      Great product - very blue so wear gloves! You don't need a lot of this, it's also very moisturising unlike some other brands I've tried. If you're stuck between blue or purple shampoo, I'd recommend the blue more for darker blondes / brunettes with highlights that have an orangey tinge and those with more blonde who want to get to a bright "white" blonde colour to go for the purple. Great product.

      Thanks so much for sharing some helpful info for other customers Katarina! Definitely recommend gloves too as it's SUPER blue :D Sarah x


      Great shampoo

      I switched to this hoping it would be less drying on my damaged hair and it was! Feels nice, smells nice and works

      Great! But wear gloves!!

      I love this blue shampoo, tones my highlights much better than the purple shampoos. Only downside is that it stains my nails. Don’t leave it on too long or you will look like a smurf :)

      Good product

      Not a bad blue shampoo. But I thought it would tone down grassiness better.

      Hi Samantha! Here's some things to try with the Intense Blue Shampoo if you need extra toning: - Leave on for 1-30 minutes - And/Or apply to dry hair I personally leave mine on for around 20 minutes as my hair always loves to go super brassy if I'm not diligent with my toning! Come back and let me know how those steps go for you Sarah x