Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner

 *NEW IN* Brilliant Silver White Instant Toner!

This little miracle in a bottle is a super pigmented purple toner, which gives you truly instant results! No waiting in the shower for purple shampoo to process: just mix the Brilliant Silver White with water, pour over your hair and enjoy your freshly toned blonde!

  • Takes only a few seconds to apply and gives instant results
  • Does not dry out hair like some purple shampoos
  • Customize the amount of toning you'd like by adding more or less drops
  • Removes brassiness/yellow tones in blonde and grey hair

Brilliant Silver White is highly concentrated and easy to apply! Mix a few drops with water in your sink or in a mixing jug. Soak hair in mixture for a few seconds and dry/style as usual. No need to rinse.

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