Eslabondexx Bond Repairing Treatment

NEW ARRIVAL! A single use alternative to the professional Olaplex No.1 and No.2 treatment!

Eslabondexx Bond Repairing Treatment strengthens the hair bonds to prevent damage and breakage from all chemical treatments (toning, colouring etc) or can be used as a stand alone treatment.

  • Shields hair against damage during chemical treatments
  • Strengthens hair bonds to event breakage
  • Promotes elasticity and hydration 

1. Connector preserves and protects the hair structure, interconnecting its fibres. It also delivers active principles, providing hair with strength and elasticity.

2. Amplifier is a fortifying cream that closes the scales keeping the active ingredients within the hair structure, while delivering added nourishment, hydration and shine.

Directions: Mix the 1. Connector (7ml) in with your toner, colour or bleach and use your mixture as normal. After rinsing your toner, colour or bleach from your hair, apply the 2. Amplifier (15ml) and leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes. Rinse and style as normal. 

Eslabondexx is a cruelty free European innovative hair care company. This product is made in Switzerland.

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