Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo

Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo creates pink, rosey tones in blonde, bleached and highlighted hair.

This unique hydrating formula with exotic Australian Rosella extract helps to reconsuct damaged hair while adding beautiful subtle dusty pink tones, vintage rosey shades or deeper pink hues - you control how pink you go!

This rose scented shampoo will not only give you amazing temporary pink tones, but will also leave your hair feeling healthy and vibrant!

For soft tones: Apply to wet hair, lather and leave for 1-5 minutes depending on the depth of pink required. Rinse thoroughly.

For bright tones: Apply to wet or dry hair. Massage in and leave for up to 10 mins depending on the depth of colour required. Rinse thoroughly.

Washes out in 1-2 washes.

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