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Wella Colour Charm Toner - T10 Pale Blonde

Ready to remove that yellow orange brassiness from your hair?

Say hello to the Wella T10 Pale Blonde Toner. With blue and violet pigments and shimmering silver shades, this toner will help you to not only reduce that yellow orange brassiness, but create a pretty neutral blonde with silver reflects too.

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Customer Reviews

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Leticia Veitch
Fantastic Seller

Can't recommend this seller enough. Absolute pleasure to deal with, items arrived super quick. Just a lovely person. Will be sure to order everything I need through you from now on!

Great colour and excellent service!

Had been growing out my hair for awhile and had darker bits underneath, almost brown and light blonde on top. Was not happy but didn't want to spend heaps at the salon.

I used to bleach and dye my own hair with bright colours but never attempted blonde myself before.

The service from Sarah was so quick and got my items in not lo g at all. I love that she was so quick to ship. She even answered my question on Facebook about ratios which is just excellent service. And her handwritten note was so cute.

So happy with the colour. It is even and beautiful! I had a compliment just today about it and the person didn't believe me when I said I did it myself.

Thanks Sarah! Will be a repeat customer. Never want to sit in the salon again for 4 hours now that I can do it at home and cost effectively.

Claire Young
Great product

Definitely tones hair great, but isn’t on the ash side if that is what you’re after. Great for more golden/beige blonde!

Kellie Pollard

Great! Not familiar with toner at all. Only used it 3 times. It turned out well, I was scared it was going to be purple so I shampooed it out. It was platinum for a day and a half. I’m retoning it right now and leaving it on longer.

emma ackerley
Natural blonde

This definitely could have been more dramatic if I left it on for longer as I only did 15 to test it out. But it took my bleached hair from a yellow (indoor photo) to a more natural beige blonde (outside photo) which also had some almost white streaks where the hair was lighter.