Lightening Your Hair Without Damage Is Possible!

Lightener - also called hair bleach (they’re the same thing) - is a product used to lighten your hair. This guide will explain everything you need to know.

Which Lightener / Hair Bleach Is Best?

The Shimmer Lights Plex Lightener is the best choice for at home hair bleaching. This lightener is powerful - it will lighten your hair up to 7 levels - while also protecting your hair.

This lightener is easy to mix and won’t burn your scalp!

Which Lightener / Hair Bleach Is Least Damaging?

We love and recommend the Shimmer Lights Plex Lightener, not only because it’s really powerful at lightening your hair, but because it’s the least damaging I’ve found.

This hair bleach contains plex technology - meaning you can lighten with 97% less breakage*! This technology keeps the bonds of your hair strong - helping you to protect your precious hair.

To enjoy the 97% less breakage, use the Shimmer Lights Plex Lightener and then afterwards apply the Shimmer Lights Plex Treatment. *97% less breakage found when using Plex Lightener and Plex Treatment VS standard bleach!

Which Developer To Use With Lightener

Lightener needs to be mixed with developer - the developer activates the lightener and without it your lightener won’t do anything!

I recommend mixing your lightener with 20 Vol Developer. You will sometimes see people using 30 Vol or even 40 Vol Developer with their lightener - I don’t recommend this! Lightener with 20 Vol Developer is strong enough to lighten even dark hair, it will just need to process for longer. A longer processing time is much, much better for your hair than trying to lighten it as quickly as possible using a stronger developer. Doing this essentially just blasts open your hair and causes unnecessary damage.