See How Our Best Sellers Can Work For You

Welcome to the most loved products at Tint Department! This guide will give you a bit of information about everything you see in this collection so you can see which best sellers will be heading home with you.

Hair Toners

The best selling toner at Tint Department is the Wella Colour Charm T18 Lightest Ash Blonde. If you’re looking to turn brassy yellow into the most bright, light, platinum blonde - this is the toner for you.

Giving similar results to the Wella T18 Toner, Shimmer Lights Platinum Ice Toner was released last year and quickly became a best seller. The Platinum Ice Toner will remove all yellow brassiness in a gentle, flattering way and leave you with platinum results that won’t go purple.

Dealing with more gold / light orange brassy tones? You’re going to love the Wella Colour Charm T14 Pale Ash Blonde Toner. This one is a favourite for knocking out that brassiness and leaving you with really ashy results.

Not really into those super ashy tones and would prefer something light and creamy (but still brass free)? Our customers love the Wella Colour Charm T11 Lightest Beige Blonde Toner.

And lastly for the toners, but not least, the Wella Colour Charm 050 Cooling Violet Toner is an absolute must have for anyone who finds their hair is just never cool toned enough. It can be added to any of our toners or colours for an extra ashy boost!

Hair Developer

Developer (sometimes also referred to as peroxide) activates your hair toner, colour or lightener. Without it these products do absolutely nothing!

No surprises that the Hi Lift 20 Vol Developer is our customers favourite. This developer gives permanent results, grey coverage and lightens your hair slightly. It’s recommended for our toners and lightener.

For those looking for a more gentle choice, it’s always the Hi Lift 10 Vol Developer. This developer won’t have a noticeable lightening effect on the hair, so is great for staying the same level or going dark. It’s also ideal for those looking for the most ashy results possible from their toner.

Hair Treatments

Tint Department customers know that healthy hair holds your toner/colour longer, and they have a clear favourite.

The Hi Pro Pac Extremely Damaged Intense Protein Treatment is made to deeply treat your hair, meaning it’s strength and appearance will improve (you’ll actually see and feel a difference). Customers with super damaged hair swear by this treatment.

Bleach / Lightener

Not all lighteners are created equally - which is why we only stock the one here at Tint Department. And our customers are obsessed with it!
When you want to keep your hair strong by protecting the bonds inside your hair, but lighten it up to 7 levels, the Shimmer Lights Plex Lightener (and the corresponding Shimmer Lights Plex Treatment) is your answer!

There’s your run down on the best selling products at Tint Department. I can’t wait for you to discover your new favourites and to hear how much you love them!